Commercial Assets

We help you liquidate your assets quickly and efficiently.

When you need to sell equipment, inventory, machinery, fleet vehicles, or a complete business, we provide the entire solution to do so quickly and efficiently with accelerated competitive bidding. Whether it is a live, online or sealed bid auction, we generate industry-specific marketing and customized advertising. This promotes your assets in a strategic way which increases the amount and quality of interested buyers to ensure the best results for your auction event.

We have been helping business owners and corporations since 1960. Our experience with local, regional and national companies provides you with a team of skilled professionals to help you with a convenient, stress free solution.

H.K. Keller provides you with peace of mind as we oversee and manage the entire process from start to finish. We handle the cataloging of items for sale, marketing, photography, onsite inspections, buyer communications, item pickup and load out, itemized reporting and payment processing to make your life easier.

We understand time is money, and so is square footage space. If you need to vacate, relocate quickly or have critical dates to make a move, we create a specialized plan to market and sell your assets within your schedule.

Our clients include the fields of manufacturing, food services, hospitality, retail, automotive, building materials, machinery, fleet and transportation services, office facilities, audio/video/lighting, medical, dental, vision, fitness centers, landscaping, golf courses, banking, retirement villages, entertainment, religious, recreational, agricultural, photography, electronics, theatrical, textile, firearms, aviation, maritime, hardware, schools, colleges, universities, municipalities and government agencies.

Whether you need to create more space, liquidate assets or reduce inventory, our team is ready to partner with you. Call us at 717-879-0110 today!