Richard G. Weis Collection Auction Will Coincide With Hershey AACA Fall Meet

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Richard G. Weis of Marion, NY, was a 50 year member of AACA and enjoyed his trip to Hershey, PA for the sale of his antique car parts every year since 1968. His last 30 years of sales specialized in early brass era parts mainly brass lamps, brass carburetors, horns, coil boxes, etc. and many other early brass cars.  The year 2014 was his final year at Hershey before his passing. Now for auction is the remainder of his collection consisting of restored lamps and all his parts and pieces of brass lamps that were used for his restoration and many unrestored lamps.  Also included is his collection of early and late brass carburetors, mainly ford and some early brass unknown carburetors. Plus all restored and unrestored horns, coil boxes, manifolds, and all of the remainder of his parts inventory. This will be the final chance to view and or own a part of this collection. 

This online auction will begin mid-September and be completed so that buyers will be able to pick up their purchases when they come to the Hershey AACA Fall Meet.