Inspire Generosity

Inspire Generosity


Each year we conduct many successful events for a large variety of non-profits including foundations, conservancies, museums, religious organizations, private schools and colleges. Our innovative approach includes partnering with organizations to ensure a pleasurable guest experience throughout the whole event.

We believe that people enjoy giving when they are having fun. We realize that each event contains important moments to capitalize on the organization’s mission in order to generate critical dollars.

We are proficient in not only conducting the auction in an entertaining fashion, but inspiring people to give during our live appeal, paddle raiser or call-to-mission. We also have provided additional streams of revenue through our Wish boards, our innovative Heads or Tails, the Run Around and The Price Tonight which keeps everyone engaged throughout the live auction.

We take great joy in helping our organizations develop their events. We have a great working relationship with our long term clients.

A lot of work and effort goes into an event. We help you to focus that time and effort toward the things that are going to bring the greatest return back to you. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with organizations who are open to ideas that will increase momentum, get the right people in the room, generate the maximum funds and make their guests happy they’ve attended the event.